Compliance & Policy Lead – 12 months maternity cover (from March 2021)

Location Remote
Flex Type Remote
Role Basis Contract / Interim
Salary £40-55k
Company Koru Kids

About Koru Kids

Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service, starting in London. We’re making it easier and more affordable for families to access high quality childcare. We’re backed by some of the best investors in Europe, and we’ve won a bunch of awards. You can read loads more about us, our mission, our team, and our values and culture, here.

The challenge

Koru Kids is building new childcare infrastructure for the world, aiming to profoundly improve the wellbeing of a million families over the next 5 years. We are growing fast, but it’s very important that we grow on firm foundations. That’s where you come in!

The Compliance and Policy Lead is responsible for upholding compliance standards across the company. You’ll support all teams with practical advice and solutions.

You’ll have responsibility over a wide range of areas, including the following. You don’t need to have experience in all of these — but it would be great if you did have some experience in some of them. The rest, you’ll need to get up to speed on quickly.

  • Policy Knowledge areas:
    • GDPR
      • Logging non-reportable breaches
      • Reviewing and producing customised Data Protection Addendums
      • Assessing and approving prospective third party Data Processors
      • Keeping a register of our suppliers’ DPAs
      • Managing compliant data deletion processes
    • Safeguarding children
    • DBS procedures
    • Employment Law
  • Corporate HR & Health and Safety responsibilities:
    • Conducting annual H&S and fire safety risk assessments
    • Onboarding new employees and ensuring all staff receive essential onboarding training (e.g. data protection training)
    • Being on top of all necessary in-house policies (e.g. employee handbook)
    • Answering employment questions across the company, regarding employees and nannies
  • Insurance requirements:
    • Understanding key risk exposures
    • Notifying insurers when company’s risk profile changes
    • Ensuring we’re never without cover
  • Contract and Policy writing & reviewing:
    • Issuing the appropriate and customized contract for employees, contractors and limited companies engaging with the company
    • Producing, reviewing and amending commercial contracts with suppliers:
      • Reviewing contracts for other team members
      • Highlighting key stipulations and liabilities
      • Recommending changes where appropriate
    • Writing new policies when required, updating existing policies (e.g. privacy policy, business terms)
  • Home Office compliance:
    • In charge of all required actions regarding existing and new sponsored employees
    • Compiling compliant audit trails
    • Maintaining Home Office-compliant standards around Right to Work checks
    • Ensuring the company is inspection-ready at all times
  • Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes
    • Applying for HMRC valuations
    • Completing annual Employment Related Securities returns
    • Administering employee option grants
    • Tracking the numbers of options granted from an options pool
    • Familiarity with typical EMI scheme rules
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes:
    • Applying for EIS1 relief on behalf of investors
    • Tracking and distributing EIS3 certificates
  •  Statutory Books
    • Keeping the company’s statutory books up to date, including:
      • Registers of members, allotments, transfers
      • Directors and board minutes, shareholder resolutions etc
      • Maintaining an accurate Cap Table

Important details

Timing: Our current Compliance and Policy lead is expecting a baby in March (yay!) so we expect this fixed term maternity cover role to begin 1 March 2021 and finish 12 months later.

Flexibility: The role can be done flexibly.  It can also be part time if you like, although in that case you are likely to need to have highly relevant experience as you’ll have less time to learn things from scratch. We welcome parents and would love to discuss any other working arrangements that make it possible for you to be part of our team.

Salary: The salary range for this role is £40,000-55,000, depending on experience. This is because the less relevant experience you have, the more support you’ll need, which we’ll need to also pay for. If you’re part-time, this will be pro-rated. We also have some awesome benefits — parents, among these is the ability to have a Koru Kids nanny for half price! (please note, we are currently only in London, with likely expansion in 2021).

Location: You can do this role from anywhere in the UK and earn the same salary as you would if you were in London (where we are based). We welcome applications from people living outside London.  Outside the UK is more complicated as it has tax and other implications, so we are unlikely to hire someone living outside the UK — although if you make a great case that you will sort out all the issues (that’s your job, after all!) we could consider it.

3 reasons this role could be great for you

  1. You’ll get to be involved across the whole business, working with just about everyone from senior executives to engineers to our wonderful (they really are amazing) customer service team.
  2. The work will be varied, and there will always be a knotty new problem to think about.
  3. You’ll be making a huge difference to the everyday lives of parents in London. We’re building a business that will profoundly benefit children, women, and families. You’ll truly build the foundations of the service. Every day, you’ll get out of bed to do something that genuinely matters.

About you

This is a very special role, working across the whole business with a lot of responsibility and judgement, and we’re looking for a very special person for it.

You’ll have 4 essential skills

  1. Research

You’ll be able to research new topics and complex areas efficiently. You’ll not be phased by researching an area that is totally new to you, even if it’s difficult and complicated. You’ll quickly get up to speed on it, by creatively seeking out experts to talk to or quickly skimming through key documents.

2. Record keeping

You’ll have experience in keeping meticulous records and audit trails and understand the importance of organised data. In the role, you’ll produce documents that can easily be used by others.

3. Judgement

You’ll apply your judgement and experience to provide recommendations to senior executives and operational teams, thoughtfully balancing risks

4. Communication Skills

You’ll communicate clearly both verbally and in writing, including on complex topics to non-experts. You’ll be able to quickly grasp nuances and explain them to others.

Finally, you’ll need to share our essential values and behaviours:

  • You’re calm under pressure
  • You’re open to learning new things quickly and to positive challenge. We will only succeed if we can achieve quick learning loops. We’ll be looking for the aptitude to learn fast, and a desire for constant feedback to improve.
  • You’re organised and work according to your priorities, but can deal with unexpected issues, big or small.
  • You’re comfortable dealing with a diverse range of topics, even if unknown to you, and responding to requests from across the company, both internally and externally
  • You can make decisions quickly and in ambiguous contexts, using your judgement to make tradeoffs
  • You take ownership over your recommendations and decisions
  • You’re proactive in identifying areas we could improve
  • You understand how to prioritise risk mitigation
  • You’re naturally keen on attention to detail
  • You care about doing the right thing, and are aligned with the company’s values
  • You’re comfortable asking for help when needed, but are generally self-sufficient
  • You’re comfortable working alone, but can work in a team. You get that no player is bigger than the team. You fit right into our culture of supporting and helping each other
  • You persevere with energy and positivity. There will be setbacks and obstacles. Like the Royal Marine Commandos, we like people who are cheerful in the face of adversity.

Two other things are ‘nice to have’…

  • Understanding of what it’s like to be a parent, especially one searching for childcare
  • Understanding of what it’s like to work in childcare

About the team

We have an informal, hard-working and kind team culture. We’re all passionate about our mission and are determined to create a truly fantastic childcare service to help working parents. Our culture is friendly and fast paced – we are constantly challenging, testing and adapting the way we do things. We’re also really committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of. We’re growing super fast but we also want to make sure that we are building a company on really solid foundations.

We take great care with who we hire so that all our team members are superbly talented and really nice. If you’re brilliant AND humble, you’ll fit right in. For more, see this page!


Koru Kids recruitment processes can be a little different from the norm. We like to work very efficiently, and we expect you do too, so we use technology and scalable processes in our recruiting wherever we can to save everyone time. It’s also really important to us to find the very best people we possibly can for our team, regardless of their background, and to be transparent. These are important values to us, and that’s why we have designed the process the way we have.

We are not asking for CVs at this stage of the process. Instead, we will ask 5 screening questions upfront. These will be separated from your name and double-marked blind, in order to reduce potential unconscious bias.

Timelines: Applicants will move through four stages: initial application, timed test, first interview, final round interview. We aim to have candidates move through these stages as quickly as possible. We will close this recruitment when we have found the right person. We are expecting that to be in January or February 2021, but it may be as soon as December 2020 if we find someone great who is planning ahead. Until we find the right person, we’ll keep accepting applications. This means if you are thinking of applying, don’t wait!

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