Pink Spaghetti Franchise Opportunity

Pink Spaghetti are a PA company with a difference: They provide highly motivated and driven people with the support and training to set up their own VA (virtual assistant) business as part of the Pink Spaghetti franchise. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity to work flexibly, and you get out as much as you put in. With a strong network behind you and plenty of training opportunities, you can excel. The existing franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from IT to marketing to legal, and you can take on clients that match your interests and expertise.

“At Pink Spaghetti, we pride ourselves on the high levels of support and camaraderie in our wider team. Vicky and I started this business over a decade ago, with the dream of allowing people to have their perfect work-life balance. We’ll help you to set up your very own business, complete with SEO-optimised website and marketing materials. Our initial comprehensive training scheme sets out to fill in any gaps in your skills, and we offer ongoing courses so that you can continue to grow and learn.

 One of our favourite things about Pink Spaghetti is the wonderful network we’ve created. Our franchisees are always happy to cover for one another, or to offer their expertise where needed. We also promise exclusive franchise territories, so you’re never in competition with one another – only ever supporting. We’re determined, curious and the 25th hour in the day – and we’re also a family. We’re always on the lookout for people who have that same ambition we saw in one another all those years ago – the drive to build a business and work on your own terms.”

Check out these case studies from some of our Pink Spaghetti franchisees who share their experiences of setting up their own PA/VA business.

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