Here’s our free guide to making remote working really work for your business.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Information and guidance for leaders
  • Advice for managers to help them manage remote teams
  • Advice for employees who find themselves working remotely (and there’s more coming very soon from us about combining working remotely with caring responsibilities)
  • Signposting to some brilliant free resources and sources of guidance that have been published very recently
  • Information about virtual group sessions and workshops we’ve created to help meet the demand for help businesses need to make this work. We’ve created sessions for leaders, managers, individual employees and teams which can all be delivered remotely.


About us

Ursula Tavender

CEO, speaker, consultant and activist

I‘m Ursula Tavender, creator of the Taking Care of Business consultancy.
I help businesses increase support, inclusion, flexibility and progression opportunities so they can attract and retain talented people from all walks of life.

I consult with companies of all sizes both in person and remotely, helping them design solutions that enhance inclusion, increase
productivity and retention, reduce costs and promote diversity within a workforce.

I work to promote solutions that accelerate female career development and close our gender pay gap. I am privileged to speak regularly on these topics and participate in a number of government forums to help shape the future of work.

Liese Lord

CEO, speaker, consultant and activist

I’m Liese Lord, founder of The Lightbulb Tree®. I help businesses visualise, create and evolve their workplace cultures and behaviours based on foundations of flexible, agile working, wellbeing, engagement, diversity & inclusion to increase the attraction, growth and retention of talented people.

I offer both consultancy and coaching to businesses – remotely and in person – to help define which elements of the flexible working spectrum could work for that business and make it happen. There’ s usually a catalyst – cost savings, engagement or wellbeing programmes, desire to attract or retain great people for example – and ultimately it comes down to creating a way of work that enables people to maximise their careers without minimising their life and help businesses thrive in today’s world.