FWP Shortlisting

Optimised advertising, screening and shortlisting candidates

FWP Shortlisting is a service designed for hiring managers who don’t have the
time to post and promote job offerings, sift through hundreds of CV’s or spend
hours screening potential candidates. It also enables companies to hire
discreetly where that is required.

What’s included in our Shortlisting Service:

  • Briefing to discuss job profile, person and skills spec
  • Help write a compelling job ad designed to attract the right candidates
  • FWP Jobs Board Listing
  • FWP optimised and managed advertising across all FWP channels: FWP Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Featured in the FWP weekly newsletter sent to 20k members
  • All applications received and managed by FWP
  • CV’s reviewed, filtered by FWP
  • Screening calls to qualify candidates suitability fit requirements / brief
  • Provide shortlist of qualified candidates with candidate notes

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