St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy (Fully funded, financially supported training programme)

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Company St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy

St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy


START DATE: Flexible

PROGRAMME: Financial Adviser Career-Change Programme

St. James’s Place – Financial Advice for people, by people.

As life progresses through different phases, it’s natural to find that your priorities might’ve changed a bit since you first entered the world of work. We’re here to help you figure out what those priorities are now and whether these align with becoming a Financial Adviser.

We know that finding meaningful and flexible work can seem daunting.

Hear from recent Academy graduates who have been in your shoes and made the switch to Financial Advice. Find out their why, so you can find yours.

Catherine Sanderson:

Catherine made the transition from teacher to financial adviser due to experiencing poor work/life balance in her previous role. She used the skills she obtained from her years as a teacher not just to excel in the Academy, but to advise clients daily. Catherine’s career change proves that you do not need experience within the industry to become a great adviser, you need to be able to connect with others and offer support, just like a teacher! Hear more about Catherine

Zohul Malikzada:

Zohul, took a break from her career in banking to start a family, but was keen to continue her professional development while also being able to raise her children. She found the flexibility available in the role of a Financial Adviser enabled her to spend time with her family while also achieving her ambitious professional dreams. Hear more about Zohul:

Rebecca Maxwell-Hyslop:

After a 20-years in the city, as a trader, Rebecca decided to go on a career break to spend some more time with her children to “assess what she was doing and why.” Thanks to the Academy training programme, Rebecca was retrained and became her own boss, just like she had always wanted, by running her own advice business. Hear more about Rebecca

Are you looking for something with flexibility without impacting earnings potential? Becoming a financial adviser with St. James’s Place enables you to work full-time, manage your own diary, when and where you work, with no cap on earnings potential.

Are you the one your friends always go to for advice? Get paid to hone these skills and apply them in financial situations.

Are you looking to follow your own dream? Becoming a financial adviser opens numerous doors of opportunity. You do not need to be a maths whiz – you just need to be good with people!

Why Financial Advice?

There is a shortage of around 50,000 Financial Advisers in the UK due to an ageing workforce. This will leave behind a huge number of clients on top of the estimated 13 million people in the UK who could benefit from taking financial advice, providing a huge opportunity. There has never been a better time for anyone looking to retrain or re-enter the UK financial advice workforce.

While Financial Advice is a sector that has been dominated by men, evidence suggests that women make fantastic advisers due to their high levels of emotional intelligence. The ‘Advice’ part of the role covers more than just finances, with clients often sharing their personal stories and lives with their trusted advisers.

The need for more women within the sector is becoming clearer; you don’t have to be a keen economist, or maths genius to become a financial adviser, you just need to be ambitious, good with people, and resilient – the Academy will teach you the rest!

What makes a good Academy candidate?

– Are you empathetic? Advisers must be able to guide clients through financial milestones and challenges by forming strong relationships with them, being able to see the world through their eyes, to understand what’s important to them and why.

– Are you resilient? Training to become a Financial Adviser is not always linear; studying for exams, finding clients, and ensuring compliance with regulation are all part of the journey, however we are here to support you every stem of the way.

– Are you a trust-worthy person? Clients entrust their financial well-being to you, so it’s important that you understand and respect confidentiality and trust.

What is the Academy?

A fully funded, financially supported, award-winning training programme.

How often do you come across the opportunity to re-train for free?

Our 4-term programme will refine your transferable skills and provide you with all the knowledge and training needed to become a successful adviser. We do this within a maximum of 6 months, whether you have previous experience of the industry or not.

Graduate fully qualified with a Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning, first-hand experience advising clients and the opportunity to start your own business or join an existing SJP Practice as an Adviser. Receive support, both financial and educational, during your studies as you develop the skills you need to scale your business and career.

The Academy is here to support your growth as both a professional and a person. We are passionate about creating advisers who love what they do, and careers that add value to their daily lives. To learn more about the programme in greater detail, click here.

Why SJP?

SJP place you and your clients at the heart of everything. We have over 2,000+ employees, who are there to support the Partnership, from the moment you start a conversation with us, to joining the Academy programme, graduate as an

Adviser until the moment you retire. The Partnership is made up of 4,834 Financial Advisers, who look after 958,000 clients and £168.2billion of client funds under management.

We exist to help people create the future they want, whether that’s our clients or Advisers, so why not let us help you to achieve yours?

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Still undecided? Take inspiration from our career change podcast, The Switch

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